The newity of it all

Posted by on Mar 19, 2015 in home


We have a word in our house that we use to describe the pristine glow that accompanies anything new. “NEWITY” is the shroud that cocoons an item that ensures the utmost care is taken when handling the item. We recently received a new sofa in January and 3 months on this is still very much in the newity phase. Newity is not just a term bandied around though, it has a forceful impact in the way we interact with the item. In the case of the new sofa and its newity, this prevents us from eating our dinner on it or letting the dog climb up and sharing the space. I’m not ashamed to say that both of these things happened on our previous sofa, once newity had elapsed.

What has newity to do with this website?

Lets replace newity with the word novice. And in this digital age of low barrier-to-entry filmmaking I am encountering a fair few people who are novices. We are all a novice at some point in our lives – it’s how we start something and how we measure the transition from novice to someone who knows what they are doing. However when I go back to the word newity and all it encumbers – it actually celebrates the fact that it is something it won’t be for very long. It will be worn-in and treated with a certain amount of complacency before very long and the time it spends being no longer newity will far extend beyond the short period of time it spent as being newity. This is not seen with novices.

The novices I have encountered of late – and I am seeing a trend develop here – is that they will do all they possibly can to deny the fact they are a novice and actively cultivate a shroud of ‘deceit and denial’ around this fact. Because of this failure on their own part to acknowledge their true state we also tend to treat them differently. ‘We who are no longer novices’ have greater expectations and are less inclined to spend time ensuring they know what is expected of them. Whilst this often serves their own agenda to protect their ego – it rarely serves the objective of creating something that is greater than the sum of its parts. And that’s what art is right? Bringing together of a whole bunch of disciplines and exercising them to create something beyond what all the individuals themselves could muster.

I am despairing of the lack of novice acknowledgement that is going on in the industry today. I wish there was a way to ensure that we could celebrate a person’s newity. After-all they won’t be like that for very long.