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Represented by Steven Russell @ Collective Talent www.collectivetalent.co.uk


Writing a screenplay? Here’s your underlying structure

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It’s all you need to know. Really.


The newity of it all

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We have a word in our house that we use to describe the pristine glow that accompanies anything new. “NEWITY” is the shroud that cocoons an item that ensures the utmost care is taken when …


We don’t have the words for this…

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but other languages do! I love these words for those things and situations we can identify but not name. Lets use these words. http://twistedsifter.com/2014/05/words-with-no-direct-english-equivalent/ They’d make perfect titles for short films.


These come up a lot.

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The low barrier to entry in filmmaking. What an absolute pain in the arse it can be to everyone with a modicum of experience when they find themselves involved in a shoot where the Writer/Producer …


Depth of field calculator

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A wonderfully insightful tool created by Michael Bemowski that allows you to see the impact a lens and fstop have on the dof. http://dofsimulator.net/en/


Building blocks to Story

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Maybe it’s the Breaking Bad parallel in my brain being piqued but I was intrigued by the idea that you can build a story using elements like the periodic table. I’m not convinced but it’s …


Writing dialogue that sizzles – a Hollywood view – William Monahan

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Vonnegut – How to write a good story

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8 very simple rules. It really couldn’t be any easier, could it?



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