Film making


The first and final frames of movies

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I love this analysis by Jacob T. Swinney. It resonates so closely with how a good writer creates the script.


2 awards for The Moment

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Finally after 18months the 50 Kisses project drew to a close and all filmmakers & screenwriters and crew attended a premier screening in London to view the finished film. I’m really pleased that the film …


Awards season & silliness

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It’s that time of year when creative material, blueprints and even end product are flying around the internet available free for download. How the various organisers have yet to find a way to secure this …


Creating a moment of jeopardy

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So this is what it looks like. To face your fears. Confronting death head-on in an image. It’s actually quite simple really. Hope is represented by something sturdy that looks flimsy. On one side security. …


PIXAR – 22 rules of storytelling analysed

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Pixar22RulesAnalyzed An interesting analysis in the form of a pdf looking closely at the 22 rules of Storytelling by Pixar that has been flying around. Enclosed below is the original info graphic created by Emma …


Lies v Truth – how to get to the truth of a story by telling lies

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Chris Atkins talk at TED X Ealing is a revealing alternative to finding your story. It questions what we should believe in.


What you have to offer is you.

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A Charlie Kaufman inspired piece from his BAFTA Screenwriter Lecture series.


16 Fantastic Behind The Scenes Of Photos From Famous Films

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16 photos and insights of blockbuster favourites from So Bad So Good blog.


Listen to John Sturges – this is a must for all filmmakers

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From the excellent online resource –


Everything I know About Making A film – Nigel Cole on Storify

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Some fantastic insights and sound bites from a British director.